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Month: January 2016

White Mountains TV Interview

I was recently interviewed on White Mountains TV in New Hampshire and here is the video of it. They haven’t had a food photographer on the show before so they thought it would be a fun and different perspective. Hey, who doesn’t like to talk about food, right?!  This area in the White Mountains is huge for weddings so there are a lot of wedding and portrait photographers here but not many that are professional food photographers.
The host Rob Clark was very animated and asked some great questions about the product photography and restaurant photography that I’ve been working on. We started off talking about my shoot in Sicily for a luxury olive oil company and estate called Mandranova and showed some images of the villa, the olive harvest and the food that will be in the book they are publishing this year.
Since I do a lot of bottle photography in my studio we touched on that as well and I was able to show some samples of my work and explain the importance of lighting and how it can make a dish look appetizing or not so appetizing.
It was broadcast in standard definition so the images were not crystal clear but hope anyone interested would check out my website. I now work out of New York and New Hampshire and am working on capturing some business from Maine. There are so many restaurants and foodies in Portland, Maine so I spend quite a bit of time there as of late.  Thanks for watching and check out more of my work and passions on my website at www.lesliebrienzaphotography.com.


East Wind Snack Shop Photo Shoot

Industry Magazine’s new issue featured my images of a recent photo shoot at East Wind Snack Shop in Brooklyn. Love that magazine and Amanda McCoy wrote such a nice piece on Chef Chris and his incredible Chinese snack shop.  Such a great place to get dumplings and other delicious Chinese food. Chef Chris is brilliant and his restaurant is always packed. The article is here with all of my images. 

A New Wind – Industry Magazine

Industry Magazine -East Wind Snack Shop

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